Would You Like To Have Your Own 200 Meg. Web Server?

Would you like to be able to resell space and Web Sites?

Would you like to build numerous web sites for yourself and others?

Would you like to have your own domain?

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You might be interested in knowing that All the pages contained here
occupy less than 1 Meg. of space.

You can have your very own Web Server at a very economical price. A Virtual Server is the usage of space on a large computer to provide you with your own dedicated web server. It allows you to have your own domain name and allows others to access your site by just knowing your name. To the world you can look as big as IBM or Coca-Cola. Your customer will no longer need to know your provider's name to access your site. A client can access your web pages by your domain name, but you don't have the cost of setting up a dedicated computer for the connection. The cost of setting up and maintaining your own Unix hardware, servers, peripheral equipment, T1 connection, phone lines, modems, office space, utilities, employee salaries,ect. would be horrendous. With the virtual server you have all the benefits, none of the headaches, and a fraction of the cost. With the Pro Web Site, you can have 200 megs of space to use and resell. That is a lot of space. All the pages contained here occupy less than 1 meg of space!

All the hardware, equipment, fiber connections, ect. are physically located just north of Washington, DC at MSI Marketing.

The location of your virtual server is wherever you want it to be. It can be your PC in your office. It can be your Macintosh in your home. It can be your laptop in your vacation cabin. All you need is a modem and a phone connection.

The procedures are very simple.

You choose your Login name and Password and let no one else have access to them. Then, by learning nothing more than the simple processes of FTP and TELNET, you and you alone control the Web Server. And, with 200 megs. of space you can sell a lot of Web Sites and make plenty for yourself!

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This service offered by Advanced Concepts through MSI Marketing is unique to any other because it is custom written. Some providers offer you the ability to have a URL that "points" to the provider's URL and when the files are transferred you don't see the original name you entered. Look at the URL! The provider's name appears along with the domain name. This is not a true virtual server. You should not see anything but the same URL you typed in.

An example of a URL with a typical Internet Service Provider:

An example of a URL with MSI's Virtual Web Server: or, and it will respond exactly the way it was entered!

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