Virtual Server Website Benefits

Featuring The Complete Virtual Server For Your Business!

Here's the TOP TWENTY reasons to use one of the five Virtual Server - WEBSITE packages:


1.  Unlimted Usage  			YES		Extra Charges	
  (no hidden charges)

2.  FREE Domain Name			YES		Extra Charges
  (Our setup and registration with
  the InterNIC is free)
  (Be aware that the InterNIC
  will invoice you for $100 which
  pays for 2 years registration)

3.  200 FREE Autoresponders	        YES	        Extra Charges
4.  Unlimted Email			YES		Extra Charges

5.  200 Megabytes Storage 		YES		Extra Charges
  (The Webmaster can hold
  thousands of web pages)

6.  20 User Accounts			YES		Extra Charges

7.  Anonymous FTP Under Your Domain     YES	        N/A or Extra

8.  Listservs For Large Mailings	YES		N/A or Extra

9.  CGI Scripts Directory		YES		N/A or Extra

10. Imagemaps				YES	        N/A or Extra

11. Daily Statistics Updates		YES		N/A or Extra
   (Graphical and WWWstats)	 
12. 24 Hour Telnet & FTP Access		YES		N/A or Extra

13. Custom Autoresponder System		YES		N/A or Extra
   (Includes Email address capture
   with daily, weekly and monthly
   reporting, custom BOUNCE 
   feature and onscreen editing
   and usage reports.)
14. Automatic Tape Backups		YES		N/A or Extra

15. Ownership of Two URL's  	        YES	        N/A or Extra
   (With and without the
   www. prefix)

16. Aliases For Email Sorting	  	YES		N/A or Extra

17. FREE HTML Setup 			YES		N/A or Extra
   (For all but the 
   Self Service Website)

18. Reselling Permitted 		YES		N/A or Extra
19. Monthly Credit Card Billing		YES		N/A or Extra

20. Low Prices - Hugh Benefits          YES             N/A or Extra

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