E-Trademarks-L listserv

The E-Trademarks-L listserv is provided for real-time discussion of trademark issues by trademark practitioners.

One area of particular interest for this listserv is the e-commerce systems at the USPTO and at WIPO. These include:

A particular value of the listserv can be to answer the question "is it just me?" if you find you are having trouble getting one of the e-commerce systems to work as expected.

Who is welcome to join? This listserv is intended for trademark practitioners and for employees of trademark offices such as the USPTO and OHIM and WIPO. If you are a lay person seeking trademark advice, please do not use this list to try to get advice.

May I post anonymously? From time to time a list member might prefer to post a question anonymously. The hope being that others may have thoughts or comments that will help the person with the question, who for one reason or another may be uncomfortable posting by name. If you would like to do this, just send the question straight to Carl Oppedahl with a request for anonymous posting. Carl will reformat the message so that the sender's information is redacted and will post it to the list. In the past this has very often been helpful to the person who raised the question.

Posting guidelines. This listserv is intended as a non-commercial forum for professionals to discuss trademark issues of the day and to help each other in improving professional skills and knowledge. Please do not post advertisements or self-promotions. Please consider the feelings of others before you push the "send" button and consider that collegiality and courtesy are more important than almost anything else.

List members may use the list to post queries seeking referrals for counsel in specific jurisdictions or with specific experience. As a general rule, responses to such queries should be sent "off-list" directly to the posting member. Further, unless the post specifically requests otherwise, please limit referral responses to actual referrals of third parties and refrain from promoting your own services in response to such queries.

How do I sign up? To subscribe, or to unsubscribe, or to learn how to post messages, go to this page.

Are there other listservs that I might wish to join? Oppedahl Patent Law Firm LLC, which sponsors this listserv free of charge, also offers other listservs including a listserv dedicated to the Madrid Protocol, a listserv dedicated to the TARR system at USPTO, and a listserv for users of OPLF's free Feathers software. You can also see and download free podcasts which OPLF offers for those who are studying for the USPTO patent bar exam.