Third Declaration of James B. Strickland, Jr.

I, James B. Strickland, Jr., being warned that willful false statements and the like are punishable by fine or imprisonment, or both, under 18 U.S.C. 1001, declare that all statements made herein of my own knowledge are true; and all statements made on information and belief are believed by me to be true.

1. On or about July 11, 2000, I received a letter from Network Solutions, Inc. ("NSI"), acknowledging that the National Arbitration Forum had ruled in my favor and against the Strick Corporation regarding the domain name. In that letter, NSI stated that it had decided that I would be free to transfer my domain name to another registrar on July 28, 2000 but not before.

2. By coincidence, July 28, 2000 was also the expiration date of the annual fee which I had paid to NSI a year earlier for this domain name. To avoid loss of my domain name, I had to either pay another annual fee to NSI (which I strongly wished not to do) or had to accomplish the domain name to another registrar on or before July 28, 2000.

3. Only within the past year has it become possible for domain name owners to switch their domain names away from NSI and to other registrars. Other registrars, including NameSecure and DomainDiscover, offer better customer service than NSI and cheaper prices.

4. On July 30, I received an email message from NSI, stating that NSI had "approved" the transfer of my domain name away from NSI to

5. I performed the transfer of from NSI to another registrar quite openly and doing nothing to conceal it. Indeed, such transfers are a matter of public record. Any member of the public may learn of such a transfer by simply looking up the domain name at I believe that anyone could have learned of my transfer within a few days of July 30, 2000 simply by checking that web site.


James B. Strickland, Jr.

December 15, 2000