Sequence listings and patent applications

If your patent application contains nucleotide or amino acid sequences, to comply with US and PCT rules you need to provide the sequences to the patent office as computer-readable sequence listings.  This webinar, which is CLE accredited and is free of charge, explains how to prepare and e-file such sequence listings.
Suzannah K. Sundby Date and time.  This program will take place on Tuesday, January 9, 2018, from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM Eastern Time.

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Suzannah is a partner in the firm of Canady + Lortz LLP.  She has over a decade of experience serving patent clients in biotechnoogy and other technical fields.  She lives and breathes the world of nucleotide sequence listings.  She has served as chair of the AIPLA Biotechnology Committee.  She is a frequent writer and lecturer on biotech topics, and she has served on the faculty of many continuing legal education courses on biotech topics.  She has been an adjunct professor.

Carl Oppedahl Carl is a partner in Oppedahl Patent Law Firm LLC.  He lives and breathes the world of electronic filing at the USPTO and at WIPO.  He has served as chair of the AIPLA PCT Issues Committee.  He was the first person ever to e-file a PCT application at the USPTO.  He was the first person ever to e-file a PCT application in WIPO's ePCT system.  He is a frequent writer and lecturer on e-filing topics, and he has served on the faculty of many continuing legal education courses on e-filing and PCT.  Carl is host of the Ant-Like Persistence blog.  He has been an adjunct professor.

Who should attend?  Anyone who prepares and files patent applications at the USPTO (through EFS-Web) or at WIPO (through ePCT) will likely find this webinar to be of interest, because one of the goals of the webinar is to explain the e-filing process for sequence listings. This will include paralegals and legal assistants.  But attorneys and are reminded that in any office, the attorney is unltimately responsible for the work carried out by the paralegals and legal assistants under the attorney's supervision.  It is encumbent upon the attorney, therefore, to know how to carry out the tasks discussed in this webinar so that the attorney can know whether the paralegal or legal assistant is carrying out the tasks correctly.  There is much in this webinar that will be of interest to anyone connected with patent applications containing sequence listings, including attorneys, patent agents, paralegals, legal assistants, and legal secretaries.

Cost?  This webinar, sponsored by Oppedahl Patent Law Firm LLC and Canady + Lortz LLP, is being provided free of charge.

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