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Please note that if you are not already a client of Oppedahl Patent Law Firm LLC, you must not send us anything of a confidential nature by post or fax or any other means. Only after a conflict check and execution of a retainer agreement can our firm accept you as a client and only then can we receive information from you that is of a confidential nature.

Nothing about this web site should be taken as a substitute for advice of competent counsel.

Reading this page (or any other page of this web site) does not make you a client of our firm.

US Postal Service deliveries should be sent to the post office box.  Courier deliveries (for example Federal Express, UPS, DHL) should be sent to the courier address.

Should you use the iNum telephone numbers? See this blog article.

Visiting address
Courier address

Oppedahl Patent Law Firm LLC
8753 Yates Drive - Suite 105
Westminster, CO 80031-3679
Postal address Oppedahl Patent Law Firm LLC
P O Box 351240
Westminster, CO  80035-1240
Telephone +1 303 252 8800
+883 5100 0119 9395 (iNum)
Telephone conference
+1 303 653 9157
+883 5100 0119 9393 (iNum)
7000 (internal)

Then select your conference bridge (a one-digit number) and then enter your access code.