Welcome to Goosefeathers!

Have you ever gone to the web page of the Canadian Trade-Marks Office to check the status of a trade-mark application? Have you tired of typing in the same serial number day after day on that web page to obtain the current status of a trade-mark application?

Then you may wish to try our free Goosefeathers software. It is now in beta-test and we look forward to finding out what you think of it. The Goosefeathers software lets you build up a list of the Canadian trade-mark applications and registrations which you would like to monitor. You can run the software to obtain the status of each application and registration. Later, you can run the software again, and it will tell you what changes there have been to the status of the applications and registrations.

Typical users might be:

The software can automatically send an email notification to one or more email addresses whenever the status of an application or registration changes. The software will also create a web (HTML) page which you may choose to place on an intranet web site for easy viewing and searching by persons within your organization.

To obtain the software, you can simply download the file to your computer. (The file is about 400K so it may take several minutes or more to download.) Make careful note of the directory in your computer to which you have downloaded the file. Then run the file "goosefeathers.exe" which you have downloaded, which will install the software to your system. (The installation program asks you to choose where to store various things, and we suggest you use the default values provided by the installation program.) You will then be asked to restart your computer, after which the installation program finishes.

For some of our beta-testers, we have already created a "starter" database (a file called "tradmark.dat") containing trademark records that we think will be of interest. If we have sent you a tradmark.dat file, then you should copy it into the directory where the Goosefeathers software was installed, replacing the existing (empty) tradmark.dat file.

Then run the program "Goosefeathers" by clicking on its icon on your desktop.

You will then be asked to provide some configuration information. After that you can enter the trademark application numbers and registration numbers that you would like to monitor. The Goosefeathers software can then check the status of those trade-mark records, displaying its findings on the screen. It will also email the findings to you and will create a web page showing the findings.

If you would like to learn more about the software before trying it, feel free to look at the user manual and help file. You will immediately note that this help file is adapted from the help file for Feathers and so it refers to US filings. We will eventually get the help file updated to cover the Canadian applications.

Goosefeathers lets you monitor the status of Canadian trademark applications. We have also prepared free software called Feathers which monitors US trademark applications. We have also prepared free software called Partridge which may be used to monitor the status of US patent applications. We also have prepared free software called Raptor which monitors US Express Mail filings.

We have set up an email listserver for users of Goosefeathers. This permits users of Goosefeathers to post their questions and to discuss the software. To subscribe or to unsubscribe or to learn how to post messages, go to this page.

Frequently asked questions about the Goosefeathers software