Studying for the USPTO patent bar exam?

Here are free audio lectures that we at Oppedahl Patent Law Firm LLC hope may be helpful to those who are studying for the exam.

To obtain the free lectures, check the boxes for the files that you wish to download, and let us know your name and email address. We will send you an email with a link to each requested file. We will not reveal your email address outside of OPLF.

Lecture Title Exam question discussed length size audio file study guide
PB-1 35 USC section 102(d) April 2003 afternoon question 3 28:23 26M  MP3,  OGG  PDF
PB-2 Filing an RCE April 2003 afternoon question 4 16:16 15M  MP3,  OGG  PDF
PB-3 Section 102 again April 2003 afternoon question 17 16:05 15M  MP3,  OGG  PDF
PB-4 Getting a filing date April 2003 afternoon question 18 14:40 13M  MP3,  OGG  PDF
PB-5 Knowing when to file an appeal brief none 15:21 14M  MP3,  OGG  PDF
PB-6 Nonstatutory obviousness-type double patenting Fall 2002 morning question 8 10:57 10M  MP3,  OGG  PDF
PB-7 Entering the US national stage Fall 2003 afternoon question 15 20:43 19M  MP3,  OGG  PDF
PB-8 Patent terms Fall 2003 afternoon question 24 10:22 9M  MP3,  OGG  PDF
PB-9 Section 102(e) Fall 2003 afternoon question 40 18:36 17M  MP3,  OGG  PDF



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